Animal-Assisted Therapy

If you’re nervous about coming in and talking to a therapist, you’re not alone. Many people find the idea of talking about things that are painful, or even just in general, to be scary or intimidating. If you find yourself feeling this, animal-assisted therapy can be a great way to help you feel more at ease. Many of our clients love working with Rockstar the therapy dog, as they can pet him to self-soothe, look at him instead of me, or use him as a distractor to let themselves talk about challenging emotions or events. Some even request sessions on the floor to be able to lay down and play with Rockstar (which Rockstar and Dr. Grossman are happy to do!). Frequently, Rockstar will cuddle into you and have you rub his belly, doing his best to be there with you through your struggles. Petting him is a great way to start and continue practicing self-care! He can also come to your business, classroom, organization, etc., for an animal-assisted therapy event or presentation (humans do the talking, while he gets the pets!).

Rockstar is here to help you relax.

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