Have you been curious about ways to process emotions and traumas, in ways outside of traditional “talk therapy”?  Brainspotting may be something for you!  We often incorporate this into our work with clients who are doing talk therapy, as well as use it on its own with clients coming in just for this.  Brainspotting focuses on the mind/brain-body connection, and helps identify where emotions and traumas are held for people through different “gaze points” and eye positions.  Once this spot is found, you’ll notice that there an increase in “activation” (for some, this may be an experience in their body such as clenched stomach or throat, shoulder pain, etc., for others, it may be more noticing that an emotion in itself may be experienced more intensely), and we’ll have you focus on this gaze point, while allowing you to just notice where your mind and body take you.  Often, clients will notice that where they’re feeling activated in their body will shift, and decrease.  They may notice that they hold less guilt or emotions over a particular situation.  It can be a powerful tool on its own or to add into the traditional talk therapy process, and we’re excited that we’re able to provide this!  “What Is Brainspotting?” is a great resource, to help you read more to determine if brainspotting may be helpful for you!

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