Letters for Gender-Affirming Medical/Legal Procedures

Going through the process of gathering letters for gender-affirming medical or legal procedures, can be a very vulnerable and often confusing process.  When completing these assessments and letters for clients, my goal is to have the process be as compassionate, simple, and useful as possible.  For example, for assessments and letters for gender-affirming surgical procedures, we’ll not only focus on the Gender Dysphoria diagnosis, also we’ll spend time talking about your recovery plan.  I hope to have it be that you leave feeling that the assessment/letter process was not just another checklist item, and rather, that you gained further confidence and comfort in the coping skills and plan you’ll use to make sure that your recovery goes as smooth as possible.  For many clients, I’m able to complete the assessment and discuss with you your plan in one session.  During your complimentary brief consultation, I can give you a better idea of if one session would be appropriate or if more may be needed.

You can empower yourself to be you.

How Can I Assist?

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